The Journal of a Disappointed Man / by Peter Taylor

It’s with great joy, and a hint of sadness, that I share with you the final Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand (MAbH) album. I have been creating music under this project since 2008 and in those 8 years I have released 13 albums and a number of contributions to compilations. I have met some wonderful people along the way and have had the pleasure in working with labels across the world. My final album is a tape based on my journey with the book ‘The Journal of a Disappointed Man’ by W.N.P Barbellion, which I discovered after reading Richard Fortey’s ‘Dry Store No. 1’. There’s a wonderful tragedy and warmth to Barbellion's writing. Barbellion is the nom -de-plume of Bruce Frederick Cummings. His recollections of youthful discovery reflect my recent return to exploring the British coastline, and his frustration at life’s continual battle and disappointment mirrored everything I have contended with since I was a young teenager. 

I have recently recorded my natural adventure through 35mm film, and this music is an extension of the visual depictions captured. I have created sounds which differ from some of the more kinetic and abrasive tones and formations of earlier works. I wanted to compose miniatures of looped piano and improvisation that painted a soundtrack to the text and the landscape I had been embroiled in. The tape feels like a suitable conclusion to years of noise making. It is (almost) a companion piece to STRAIN/GALAXY, yet appears clearer, closer, as if emerging from the fuzzy mist of left by its predecessor. I was lucky enough to have connected with the guys from Never Anything Records, who have put together a beautiful package and placed the tape amongst a striking batch comprising of some wonderful artists. They are running a great label and it reminds me of working with Phil & Myste at Stunned Records, which was a real highlight of my musical journey. 

I will continue to produce music and regularly meet to jam in the collaborative project: WOOL. I will also be looking at working under a new multimedia project, which incorporates film as a primary component.  The album’s official release date is July 18, but you can pre-order and listen to the opening track now. I will also be adding it to the website later this month.