New Music Video for Forthcoming Album / by Peter Taylor

Throughout the early part of 2016 I worked on what will be my last album under the Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand name. I have decided to focus more energy on visual art, but hope to use sound in future projects and likely to return to the musique concrète of my earlier work. This new album is a subdued mix of piano and creeping synths offering a warm farewell to the last 8 years. The video is made up of 35mm film stills captured over the last year and created in Photoshop, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro. 

A Grave Amongst the Spheres - Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand. From the album 'The Journal of a Disappointed Man'. Released on cassette by Never Anything Records. Release date: July 2016 Music and images by Peter Taylor