Mad New World - 10 sounds for the future / by Peter Taylor


As we approach doomsday tomorrow (here in the UK at least) I thought it best I soundtracked our inevitable demise in a glowing rendition of 4th world dystopias from across the globe. Whether ‘out’ or ‘in’ our country has proven its frightening division and the deep-seated anger and resentment of many people pining for a deluded vision of ‘great’ Britain. The thirst for a return to a post-war Britain will no doubt bear more austerity as we gladly eek out an existence of state rule, xenophobia and rationing of education, freedom and liberalism. Let’s hope for a better time when we can finally escape this painfully reflective future of late 80s Verhoeven invention.

Europe and the United States are shifting politically to the post-hope era into an inevitable future of conflict. So what are we to do to surf this turbulent time? Listen to weird and brilliant music of course. Here are ten tracks/albums to ride the wave of neon decay that awaits us until the forests will sing with the sounds of a generator humming and a Casio keyboard playing to the birds.

1. Fourth World Magazine Vol. II - Pinhead in Fantasia

2. James Ferraro - Ten Songs For Humanity

3. Pita - Mfbk

4. Kara-Lis Coverdale and LXV - Informant

5. Flower Man - Behind the Habit Wheel

6. Stella Om Source - Island Best

7. Oneohtrix Point Never / Andrew Kirschner - Heart of a Champion

8. Robert Turman - Lotek

9. Tuluum Shimmering - Khual Yaang

10. JD Emmanuel - Rain Forest Music