Top 10 Space Jams: Ambient / Noise / Weird / by Peter Taylor

Here is a selection of trippy music which keeps my mind simmering and spinning. These sounds, many which are regular spins at home, fill me with ideas, visions for artworks and inspire me to dig out all the old instruments. In my hiatus from music production it's great to reconnect with so many artists who have influenced my work over the years. This top 10 is in no specific order other than how I felt like jamming them at 8am on a Wednesday morning. Many of these are out of print but do check out if you can pick up digital versions from the artist. Support the music you love and pay for it!

1. Axolotl Telesma 

2. Archers by the Sea Hey Volcano

3. Dolphins into the Future Lone Voyager

4. James Ferraro Marble Surf

5. Burning Star Core The Point of Departure is Not to Return

6. Roberto Opalio Aurora Coelestis

7. Komodo Haunts Streams Through Thick Air

8. Bobby Beausoleil Mantra

9. Grouper Alien Observer

10. Christoph Heemann & Andrew Chalk Mirror Of The Sea (Pt. 1&2)