Solace in Landscape / by Peter Taylor

I have decided to start recording updates in this fashion to alert you all to interesting discoveries and new projects. This first blog is an attempt to communicate my current photographic endeavour - to capture places of quietude from anxiety. I will also use this platform to announce and share new music, artworks and general points of interest.

Solace in Landscape

To find myself in a realm of seclusion from the din of urban life and the fraught coil of human traffic is a constant need. Solace can be found in many ways, but for me true contentment and calm can only be found in the heart of a natural landscape or in an alien in a place of undecipherable language and intriguing architecture. I thirst for the sea and find a richness to life when clambering over rocks, cliffs and pebbles balancing between dry land and the endless vista of salt water. The sound of nature: a voice with little purpose, a mix of animal emotion and the vibrations of water, stone, wood and air - provide the perfect backdrop to the glorious juxtaposition of the ancient and ever-changing landscape.

So far my journeys have been mixed with moments of anxiety in even the most sublime of locations. I have also found peace in the bleak streets of Kazimierz during my winter birth month. I wish to learn more about how landscape conducts my mood, anxiety and happiness, to which I will ultimately map a safe path through our shared landscape - one of solace and awe. To see images captured thus far click here.